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Stage 1

CDMX - Atlixco


The first stage of the inaugural La Nueva Vuelta Antigua begins in Mexico City at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, famous for hosting the Formula One racing, but also a popular training site for cyclists. A fairly long neutral section follows as riders make their way south-east on the Mexico-Puebla Highway. Just after the race crosses into the State of Mexico the route switches to the old highway and after a quick regrouping in Ixtapaluca the race begins in earnest.

The road kicks up soon after the restart and one of the toughest climbs of the race will separate the those who have come for vacation and those who have come to win the race. After a winding and scenic twenty kilometre climb that averages 5 percent racers will hit the top at Llano Grande before the road tilts back down. Riders will need to think about the change in temperature as they will be a kilometre higher than when they left the city.

Heading down past Rio Frio de Juarez in the direction of Puebla the road takes a few switchbacks but the gradients are milder than the climb was. Just past Santa Rita Tlahuapan the race takes a right on San Salvador el Verde road that crosses under the main highway and takes the race into the warmer and more arid rolling hills of Puebla although it is mostly a gentle slope down the rest of the way to the finish.

This part of the route will be the most challenging in terms of navigation, but riders can also enjoy the quietest roads of the three days as they pass through farmlands and small towns forgotten by the bigger cities east and west. After a technical last 5 kilometres on a narrow country roads the stage finishes on a slight incline on the outskirts of Atlixco and Metepec where racers will be spending the first night.


Quick facts

  • Distance: 136.5 km/84.8 mi
  • Elevation gain: 1,755 m/5,757 ft
  • Elevation drop: 1,844 m/6,050 ft
  • Highest point: 3,220 m/10,564 ft
  • End of neutral: km 27.2/ mi 16.9


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Stage 2

Atlixco - Oaxtepec

Stage 2•Atlixco - Oaxtepec

Stage 2 is a fast highway stage that should favour the more powerful riders, but an uphill finish might upset anyone hoping for a sprint.

After crossing through the town of Atlixco the race enters the Atlixco - Izúcar de Matamoros Highway where the neutral zone ends. The road is two lanes with a wide shoulder and slopes gradually downhill until Izúcar de Matamoros thirty one kilometres later. Racers will most likely be using a larger gear ratio than they did in stage 1.

It's not all downhill however. After Izúcar de Matamoros racers take a right hand turn and head north-west in the direction of the finish line at Oaxtepec. Here the roads gets lumpy with some short but steeper climbs though it's nothing that should trouble the riders on larger gears too much.

With this stage being the flattest and easiest in terms of navigation the racing should be flat out right up until the line. Allowing any splits in the pack could be costly if racers are working together up front. With one and a half kilometres to go the route comes off the highway at the Oaxtepec exit. Here riders will hit the finishing climb and with time bonuses on the line it will be a sprint to the top where the race finishes opposite the Former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman.



  • Distance: 116.2 km/72.2 mi
  • Elevation gain: 791 m/2,595 ft
  • Elevation drop: 1,416 m/4,645 ft
  • Highest point: 2,001 m/6,565 ft
  • End of neutral: km 9/ mi 5.6

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Stage 3

Oaxtepec - CDMX

Stage 3•Oaxtepec - Mexico City

The final stage of La Nueva Vuelta Antigua is one for the climbers with the first two thirds of the day being mostly uphill with gradients reaching over twenty percent at times.

After Tepoztlan the race is on and heads west to Cuernavaca where racers will face the toughest climb of the tour. The ascent to Tres Marias via Huitzlac averages eight percent for thirteen kilometres and spikes up to fifteen percent at times.

The road finally flattens out at Parres and starts to flow down towards Mexico City through forest and farmland before civilaztion begins to take over. After a fast descent the course will loop onto Insurgentes South and be back in the city proper.

There are still a few lumps to work out as the riders tackle the last ten kilometres of the race up Insurgnetes to the Olympic stadium in the south of the city. Racers leave the main road for final kilometre and a half and make a loop around the stadium. If anyone is still together they will surely sprint it out here to take the final time bonuses of the three days.



  • Distance: 92.7 km/57.6 mi
  • Elevation gain: 2,198 m/7,211 ft
  • Elevation drop: 1,217m/3,993 ft
  • Highest point: 3,051 m/10,010 ft
  • End of neutral: km 6.3/ mi 3.9

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